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PG Level

Handwritten and scanned digital copies of the class lecture notes are available for download. Each file has storage space of about 25-35 MBs. Each file has around 200 pages of handwritten matter.

  1. Quantum Mechanics 1 PG Level
  2. Quantum Mechanics 2 PG Level
  3. Solid State Physics 1 PG Level
  4. Solid State Physics 2 PG Level
  5. Mathematical Physics (Matrices, Fourier transform and Laplace transform only)

Syllabus_SSP_II     Syllabus_SSP_I

UG Level hand written lecture notes on specific topics under (1) OPTICS (2) SPECTROSCOPY are available

1. Aberrations

(Aberration, Spherical aberration in a lens, Reducing spherical aberration, Shape facttor, Two thin lenses separate by a distance, Chromatic aberration in a lens)
2. Resolving power
(Resolving power of a prism, Resolving power of a diffracting grating)
3. Ramsdens eye piece
(Ramsdens eye piece, Comparison of eye pieces)
4. Huygens eye piece
5. Achromatism of two lenses in contact
6. Achromatism of two separated lenses
7. Absent spectra in a diffraction grating

(Absent spectra, Dispersive power of a grating, Overlapping of spectral lines)


    1. Harmonic oscillator  (Harmonic oscillator, Anharmonic oscillator, Diatomic vibrating rotator, Vibration-rotation spectrum of carbon monoxide)
    2. Effect of isotopic substitution (e.g. CO)
    3. Non-rigid rotator (Spectrum of non-rigid rotator)
    4. Raman Spectra (Pure rotational Raman spetrum, Vibrational Raman spectrum)
    5. The rigid diatomic molecule(Roatational spectra, Intensity of spectral lines)
CV of Dr R Saravanan
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