Research Materials

Some of our research scholars have done experimental research works on the following topics and have earned their Doctorate Degrees. 

Some Research Scholars are still working on a few topics for their Doctorate Degrees.

No. Ph.D. Research Materials related to
1 Semiconductors, ionics
2 DMS Materials
3 Metals 
4 DMS Materials (ZnO Based)
5 Thermoelectric Materials
6 Nano Semiconductors
7 NLO materials
8 Manganites
9 Dielectric Ceramics
10 Ferrite materials
11 DMS Materias (Si, Ge based)
12 Piezoelectric Materials
Ph.D. Work Completed on Materials related to
13 Multiferroic materials  - Thesis submitted
14 Magneto-electric composites
15 DMS Materials (ZnO Based)
Ph.D. Work in Progress on Materials related to
16 NKN piezoelectric ceramics
17 NBT based ceramics
18 Sintering effects on Ceramics



No. Researcher Research Topic Ph.D. Viva-Voce Date
Ph.D. Degree Awarded


Research work on


1 Dr. S. Israel Semiconductors, ionics 11.07.2007
2 Dr. K. Syed Ali DMS Materials 23.06.2011
3 Dr. M. Premarani Metals  05.03.2012
4 Dr.  S. Francis DMS Materials (ZnO Based) 04.08.2014
5 Dr. M. Charles Robert Thermoelectric Materials 08.08.2014
6 Dr. S. Saravanakumar Nano Semiconductors 27.08.2015
7 Dr. T. K. Thirumalaisamy NLO materials 10.04.2018
8 Dr. N. Thenmozhi Manganites 13.04.2018
9 Dr. J. Mangaiyarkkarasi Dielectric Ceramics 06.07.2018
10 Dr. Y. B. Kannan Ferrite materials 28.09.2018
11 Dr. R. A. J. R. Sheeba DMS Materias (Si, Ge based) 11.12.2018
12 Dr. S. Sasikumar Piezoelectric Materials 14.12.2018

Ph.D. Work Completed

13 Mrs. G. Gowri Multiferroic materials

Thesis submitted on 01/07/2021

14 Mrs. S.V.Meenakshi Magneto-electric composites  (Work Competed) Thesis submitted on 23/02/2022
15 Mr. T. Akilan DMS Materials (ZnO Based)  (Work Competed)

Ph.D. Work in Progress

16 Mr. S. Sonai NKN piezoelectric ceramics (Work in progress)
17 Mr. O. V. Saravanan NBT based ceramics  (Work in progress)
18 Mrs. B. Subha Sintering effects on Ceramics (Work in progress)
CV of Dr R Saravanan
Close (CV of Dr R Saravanan)