Research Materials

Some of our research scholars have done experimental research works on the following topics and have earned their Doctorate Degrees. 

Some Research Scholars are still working on a few topics for their Doctorate Degrees.

  1. Dielectric Ceramics     
  2. Manganites     
  3. DMS materias     
  4. NLO materials
  5. Nano Semiconductors
  6. Piezoelectric Materials     
  7. Semiconductors, ionics
  8. Metals     
  9. Oxide based DMS     
  10. Magneto-electric composites
  11. Multiferroic materials     
  12. NKN piezoelectric ceramics    
  13. NBT based         ceramics
  14. Ferrite materials     
  15. Thermoelectric Materials   
  16. Sintering effects on Ceramics
CV of Dr R Saravanan
Close (CV of Dr R Saravanan)