Invited talks, Guest Lectures

Invited Talks/Keynote Adress

Date Institute Title of the Lecture Type
29/01/2015 Sri Meenakshi Govt. Arts College for Women (A), Madurai-2 Materials and their Characterization Invited talk - in PG Association Meeting
 13/03/2009 Dept. of Physics,
Thiagarajar College,
Madurai – 625 009
Smarter Materials Key note address at the State Level inter collegiate student seminar on Physics of smart materials



J.J. College of Arts and Science,                     Pudukkottai - 622 404 Materials and Technological Developments Special invited Lecture
26/03/2007 Dept. of Physics,
HKRH College,
Uthamapalayam - 625 533
X-ray Characterization of crystalline systems Special Keynote address
22/03/2007 Dept. of Physics,
APA College of Arts and Culture,
Palani – 624 601
Materials and their Characterization Special Lecture(Intercollegiate Seminar on Current Trends in Physics)
21/02/2007 Dept. of Physics,
SN College,
Perungudi,                      Madurai – 625 022
Materials and their Characteristics Keynote address (Einstein’s Day cum intercollegiate meet)
12/02/2007 Dept. of Physics,
Yadava College (Men),
Tiruppalai ,                        Madurai – 625 014
Avenues in Physics Research Inaugural address (State level intercollegiate meet YEARN 2007)
24/08/2006 Dept. of Physics,
SVN College,
Madurai – 625 019
Technological Materials and their X-ray characterization Invited lecture
22/02/2006 Dept. of Physics,
Yadava College (Men),
Tiruppalai ,                      Madurai – 625 014
X-ray diffraction studies on materials Invited lecture (Regional seminar on condensed matter physics)
08/10/2004 Dept. of Physics,
Arul Anandar College,
Karumathur – 625 514 .Madurai Dt
X-ray diffraction studies on materials Guest lecture
24/07/2004 Dept. of Physics,
Devanga Arts College,
Aruppukkottai – 626 101
X-ray diffraction Guest lecture
21/03/2003 Dept. of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology,
Annamalai University,
Annamalainagar–608 002
Valedictory Address Valedictory Address for the engineers (Technical Symposium “STROBE 2K3”)