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PG Level

Handwritten and scanned digital copies of the class lecture notes are available for download. Each file has storage space of about 25-35 MBs. Each file has around 200 pages of handwritten matter.

Quantum Mechanics 1 PG Level

Quantum Mechanics 2 PG Level

Solid State Physics 1 PG Level

Solid State Physics 2 PG Level

Mathematical Physics (Matrices, Fourier transform and Laplace transform only)

Syllabus_SSP_II     Syllabus_SSP_I

UG Level

Hand written lecture notes on specific topics under (1) OPTICS (2) SPECTROSCOPY are available.


Aberrations(Aberration, Spherical aberration in a lens, Reducing spherical aberration, Shape facttor, Two thin lenses separate by a distance, Chromatic aberration in a lens)

Resolving power
(Resolving power of a prism, Resolving power of a diffracting grating)

Ramsdens eye piece
(Ramsdens eye piece, Comparison of eye pieces)

Huygens eye piece

Achromatism of two lenses in contact

Achromatism of two separated lenses

Absent spectra in a diffraction grating

(Absent spectra, Dispersive power of a grating, Overlapping of spectral lines)


Harmonic oscillator  (Harmonic oscillator, Anharmonic oscillator, Diatomic vibrating rotator, Vibration-rotation spectrum of carbon monoxide)

Effect of isotopic substitution (e.g. CO)

Non-rigid rotator (Spectrum of non-rigid rotator)

Raman Spectra (Pure rotational Raman spetrum, Vibrational Raman spectrum)

The rigid diatomic molecule (Roatational spectra, Intensity of spectral lines)