The growth, physical and X-ray characterization of manganite structured samples have been investigated. Manganite structured materials have mixed valence states with perovskite structure denoted as R1-xAxBO3 (R- Rare-earth cations, A- Alkaline earth cations and B- Transition metal cations). These materials have been widely investigated due to their excellent applications in various fields and their important properties. Orthochromites, orthomanganites, orthoferrites, orthoscandates and orthonickelates are some of the examples for manganite structured materials. The present thesis analyzes the orthochromite and orthomanganite materials, particularly the doped lanthanum chromites (LaCrO3) and lanthanum manganites (LaMnO3) because of their important applications. Some of the applications are as follows, (i) electrodes and interconnects in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), (ii) magnetic sensors, (iii) hard disk read heads and (iv) magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM).

Research Materials

The following manganite structured materials have been considered.

  1. (Co, Mn) doped (La, Ca) based chromites-(La0.8Ca0.2)(Cr0.9-xCo0.1Mnx)O3
  2. (Co, Fe) doped (La, Ca) based chromites-(La0.8Ca0.2)(Cr0.9-xCo0.1Fex)O3
  3. (Co, Cu) doped (La, Ca) based chromites-(La0.8Ca0.2)(Cr0.9-xCo0.1Cux)O3
  4. La1-xCaxMnO3 manganites
  5. La1-xSrxMnO3 manganites