Ms.S.V.Meenakshi – Doctoral viva exam

Ms.S.V. Meenakshi - The doctoral viva-voce examination of Ms.S.V. Meenakshi of Sri Meenakshi Govt. Womens Arts College, was conducted on 15/02/2024 at the Madura college, Madurai. The external examiner for the viva-voce examination was Prof. John Berchmans of CECRI - Central Electro Chemical Research Institue, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu.

The viva voce examination was conducted by the co-guide, Dr.N.Srinivasan, of Thiagarajar College, Madurai.

The questions and clarifications by both the external examiner and Prof. Dr. N. Srinivasan,  were satisfactorily answered by the candidate.

Then, the more than 60 % of the questions by the supervisor Dr.R.Saravanan were answered by the candisate.

Then the questions by the other staff members and the audience, were answered by the candidate.

Based on the answering, and other essential requirements, of the exam, the candidate was declared to have qualified for the the Ph.D. Degree in Physics.