Oxide based DMS2

O-DMS (Oxide based DMS) materials have created interest due to the possibility of inducing room temperature ferromagnetism. O-DMS materials are essential materials in spintronic devices. The study of local structural fluctuation and electron density distribution may help in imminent understanding the nature of bonding and charge transfer etc. The results of localized structure of the material with varying dopant concentration may pave way for new spintronic devices. The main objective of this work is to investigate the growth, physical and X-ray characterization of samples having room temperature ferromagnetism and semiconducting properties. The growth of ZnO doped with transition metals like V, Ni, Fe and Ti and mixed systems (possibility of RT FM) has been accomplished. Melt growth technique has been used. Solid state reaction technique offers several advantages such as low cost, easy controlling of the total dopant amounts, and facility of producing bulk amounts of materials. The growth has been accomplished using a well-planned temperature control programme. The quality of the grown samples have been checked by X-ray methods. The impurity levels have been  estimated using SEM/EDAX (Energy Dispersive Analysis of X-rays). Powder X-ray data – to study structural changes have been used to determine the compositions of the dopant atoms. The magnetic susceptibility measurements, M Vs H, M Vs T to analyze the AFM, FM transitions have been done.
Optical band gap studies have been  undertaken in-order to measure the optical properties of ZnO.

The samples studied are as follows;

Manganese doped Zinc oxide (Zn1-xMnxO)

Chromium doped Zinc oxide (Zn1-xCrxO)

Cobalt doped Zinc oxide (Zn1-xCoxO)

Cobalt and Manganese co-doped Zinc oxide (Zn1-2xCoxMnxO)

Magnesium doped Zinc oxide (Zn1-xMgxO)